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Ski Island Lake subdivision is located in northwest Oklahoma City just west of Lake Hefner.  It has the largest private lake of several lake subdivisions in the area and is the only private metro lake that allows power boats.  136 families make their home here in an addition that enjoys a wonderful community spirit.  

All but four of Ski Island Lake addition homes are directly on the water and enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and its wildlife.  Water skiing, tubing, boating, canoeing and fishing are just a few of the activities enjoyed here.  We come home from a hard day at work, change clothes, walk in our backyard to our boat and go out on the lake.  We may be a little spoiled!

Ski Island Lake has an active social committee who organize lots of activities including an annual resident summer picnic, Music on the Lake which is a live band playing a concert by the water, visits from Santa Claus on his special Santa boat, and a judged Christmas Light display competition that sparks fierce competition among the homeowners.

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  • Neighborhood Boundaries and Identity Our neighborhood is researching ways to differentiate our neighborhood and create a branded identity.

More About Ski Island

    Did you know....
  • Ski Island Lake has 35-pound flat head catfish and up to 5-pound Florida bass.  It also has white crappie and black crappie, channel cat, black bass, several varieties of brim, grass carp, carp, drum, gar and several varieties of minnows.
  • The Ski Island dam is over 1,200 feet long with 211 feet of weir boards held in place by steel pins.
  • There are 16 lakes in series with Ski Island Lake, with Ski Island Lake being the largest.
  • Ski Island Lake has 56 surface acres, with over 250 acre-feet of water.
  • Ski Island Lake's Dam has 6 electronically-operated sluice gates that can discharge over 600 gallons of water per second.
  • When the ground is completely saturated, 6/10th of an inch of rain equates to an additional 3 feet of water in Ski Island Lake due to a large watershed.
  • Ski Island Lake's watershed flows all the way from Wiley Post Airport; and from MacArthur Blvd. to County Line Road.
  • Ski Island Lake is periodically tested for lead, mercury, and e-coli bacteria.  It's actually more clean than nearby Lake Hefner, which is Oklahoma City's drinking water source!

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